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Elementary School Curriculum

Play it Safe!® is a personal safety curriculum. It is designed to teach children how to be safe from abuse. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect. There is a separate and specific presentation designed for each grade Pre-K through 6th grade.

The presentation format is classroom-based, so that children are in a familiar environment and able to focus and interact freely. Each presentation lasts approximately one hour and includes an age-appropriate script and 10-20 minute video.

Through age-appropriate stories, elementary school students learn to recognize the three kinds of touch and are empowered with tools to respond using the 3-part safety rule if they are ever in an uncomfortable situation. This safety rule can be applied to many situations that students may encounter on a daily basis, such as bullying and online situations, peer pressure, or exploitation by friends/family. The safety rule encourages assertive responses, whether it is used with strangers or someone the child knows and loves.

Several concepts are reinforced throughout the program:

  • Most people would never touch a child in an inappropriate way.
  • There are three types of touch.
  • Use the 3-part safety rule.
  • It is NEVER too late to tell.
  • Child abuse is NEVER the child’s fault.

There are a total of 9 scripts and 9 videos for the elementary school level Pre-K thru 6th grade.
Elementary school classes are provided the following products:

  • Pre-K “Tick Tock Plays it Safe!” script, USB Flash Drive, Joe & Suzy dolls, and coloring books
  • Kindergarten “Tick Tock & The Twins” script, USB Flash Drive, Joe & Suzy dolls, and coloring books
  • 1st grade “Mae Shares a Secret” script, USB Flash Drive, Joe & Suzy dolls, and coloring books
  • 2nd grade “Bentley’s Big Production” script, USB Flash Drive, Joe & Suzy dolls, and coloring books
  • 3rd grade “Vat Vould You Do” script and USB Flash Drive
  • 4th grade “Chase Steps Up” script and USB Flash Drive
  • 5th grade “Aiden’s Discovery” script and USB Flash Drive
  • 6th grade “Survivors” script and USB Flash Drive
  • 5/6th grade “It’s Harassment!” script and USB Flash Drive

The Joe and Suzy dolls wear swimsuits under their clothes, and are utilized when talking about “private parts” being the parts of our bodies covered by a swimsuit.

The coloring books (English or Spanish) reiterate the 3 kinds of touch and remind children to use the 3-part safety rule. The coloring books can help facilitate the conversation at home between children and their parents/caregivers. Coloring books are included in the price of Pre-K through 2nd grade programs. They can be purchased separately once an initial program order is made.

*2014 Telly Award Winning categories include – Editing, Education, Safety, And Children’s Audiences

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